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23 checked bags + 11 carry-ons = 1,635 lbs.

On our way East we took a four day break in NYC for a manner of reasons. We'd heard from a number of credible surfers that there actually can be some good surf, it was a nice intermission in what would have been a 10 hour flight to Iceland and it gave us a few more domestic days to get our logistics in order. All good things.

The early morning trek to Rockaway Beach begins - no one said surfing in NY was easy.

The 2nd of 3 subways

Whoever said people in NY are mean, has it all wrong. We came across the nicest people on our little mission.

Nice little left for Daize

True took her first dip in the Atlantic - she's a big fan.

Granted, it was 95 degrees in NY, but Given would have had his shirt off even if it was 60.

Shooting the city waking up

And the low of NY....the passport agency.

The 29th annual Pipe Masters went off without a hitch running and completing within the first three days of the 12 day waiting period. 48 started the event and obviously only 1 prevailed.This year it was Kieren Perrow from Aus. But, before the final, Aamion beat Daniel Ross in round 1. In round 2 he just barely skated by with a win against Taylor Knox and took some skin on the way. Ultimately his showing at the Pipe Masters came to an end in round 3 against Joel Parkinson who finished 2nd overall. The waves were pumping, the sun was out and win or loose it was a great contest to wrap up the season and an even better opportunity to check in at home before 9 more months on the road. Next stop....Peru!