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Day 5 in Iceland and we are still in jet-lag extended-day-light haze which really adds to the dreamlike quality of this place. From milky blue water that could be flowing through Willy Wonka's factory to bright green mossy lava fields that could easily house a village of elves, this place is otherworldly.

We're currently in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland which has been appropriately dubbed a Cosmopolitan Village - the perfect blend of modern conveniences and variety along with the cozy feeling of a tiny mountain ski town, but on the water of course. The Icelandic people are warm, helpful and just a bit weird, in the best way possible. How else would they be knowing that their whole country is three-hundred thousand people, half the year is spent in utter darkness and the other half looks like 4pm almost 24/7.

Sunset landing in Reykjavik - 11:30pm

Jess and Cody at Keflavik airport, an eerie 1am twilight

Icelandic horse and his 80's rockstar hair

Not the best session, but Daize is the first to get wet in Iceland

Next up, the Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is one of Iceland's biggest tourist attractions, and for good reason. We stopped by the other day and they graciously allowed us to film, a surprisingly common theme in Iceland. While the lagoon is amazing, no doubt about it, like most tourist attractions, it has been a bit over exposed and commercialized. That aside, there is no getting over the naturally hot milky blue water and the white silica free to slather your skin.

Growing up surrounded by water on Kauai, and this is Given's first experience wearing water wings

Silica, the substance that makes for the milky look, is also great for your skin

Maiden voyage of our custom-built Epic water housing. Major thanks to Erik of Del Mar Housing Projects

Every film needs behind the scenes footage

Is there anything more rewarding that driving down an unknown road and finding what you didn't know you were looking for? The other night after a fruitless fishing trip Aamion, Jess and Cody ventured on toward the town of Vik in search of waves. Just when they were about to return home and call the day a wash, they decided to just drive a bit further and ended up on the moon.

To their delight, they weren't alone out there. Meet Ingo, Hrienn and Heidar - three Icelandic surfers and their magic blue bus.

There are a few select countries on our itinerary that are just so geographically beautiful that they must be captured from a different angle. Iceland is one of those countries and from the air is that angle. Jess and Devin, our dynamic Director and Cinematographer, were the lucky duo to witness it first hand. Iceland is likely the only place in the world that has glaciers, desert, geysirs, waterfalls and if you look hard enough - elves - all within a five-hour helicopter ride.

Iceland has captured our heart and moved our souls... mostly because it's done the same to our children, who we thought would have a hard time adjusting to the long days, cold climate and freezing Atlantic water. Instead Given wakes up yelling "it's summer all day" and True takes 3 hour naps in her down pink starfish suit. The long daily drives across the moon in search for waves, through fields of billowing sulfur fields, always ends at a place we couldn't have dreamed up. The people are so warm and endearing even though they spend most of the year in darkness.... and maybe that's why.... because they appreciate the small things in life... the warm sunshine, a hot cup of joe and an extra long summer day. Until next time, much love... D&A

Road trips are a majestic experience we all romanticize and plan around….and then you get to your second gas stop, are sick of bad gas station food and the surroundings are less than ideal. You just want to get THERE! Iceland doesn’t follow these road rules (except for the bad gas station food.) Fortunately, Iceland is a relatively small country and we mapped our trip out with pretty equidistant legs: Reykjavik > Akureyri > Höfn. > Keflavik. Those stops encircle the entire country of Iceland, broken up by what would be 5-6 hours drives. But, as you can imagine, when you have 9 bodies with hungry bellies and full bladders, the trip is extended. And on top of that, we have all kinds of cameras, which pretty much doubles the length of every drive when in a country as beautiful as Iceland. You just can’t make it 10 minutes, before someone yells “Pull over we have to shoot this!”

So here is the photographic fruit of our Icelandic driving labor.

We've made it to Ireland but we couldn't move on before sharing a few more gems from Iceland.

Maybe you've heard the saying, Greenland is icy and Iceland is green. For the most part, we've found this to be true. However, there is one region in the South East of Iceland called Vatnajokull Glacier that holds up to the country's name. This glacial region covers about 5,000 square miles and makes up 8% of Iceland's land area. Unfortunately it is retreating at a rate of about 200 meters per year.

This being Given's first cold weather adventure, he was stoked to see the ice, but it turns out there was fun to be had by all, especially Aamion. It isn't every day you get to longboard through icebergs.