New Zealand

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After flying into Auckland, we collected our big old Bedford Beauty of a bus named Bealey and quickly headed toward Raglan where a swell was heading in.Once we started to stretch Bealey's legs it was clear that she was going to dictate the pace of our drive, which turned out to be a nice lazy 10 day journey down the North Island, giving us plenty of time to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

If you've been to New Zealand then you've seen how the cities, infrastructure and development of the North Island slowly give way to rural farmland, untouched rivers and pristine road-side campsites as you head South. One thing you likely didn't see is the tree house Aamion's father built for them to live in over 25 year ago just north of Kaikoura. We stopped in for a couple nights for a surf and a little trip down memory lane. We also lucked out with a break in the weather just in time for our helicopter shoot. Sometimes the stars do align.

The continuation of our drive down the South Island, heading to our final camping site at Purakaunui Bay.

After nearly three weeks on the road, we made ourselves at home for a couple weeks on the beautiful beach at Purakaunui Bay which is just about the very southern tip of New Zealand. With the dramatic cliffs and front row seat for sunrise, it really felt like we were at the tip of the world.