Marshall Islands

Photos and Blog

Before making our way to N-Zed we spent two sunny weeks on The Windward, part of the Indies Trader fleet, in the Marshall Islands. Along with our usual gang, we were joined by several friends: Kim, Aamion's cousin and lady ripper for Patagonia, Kanoa an old friend who was shooting photos for Surfer, Barlo who is writing for Surfer, Gavin who is True's godfather and master on the Alaia, Darren ran the under-water video camera and in addition to our awesome boat crew ofCapt. Chris, Mango, Terry and Retno,we were also lucky to be joined by none other than Martin Daly and his family. Spending two weeks on a boat with almost 20 people could get ugly, but besides the occasional brush with sea-sickness, it was an incredible trip thanks in large part to those 20 people.

Here is life on the boat - some beautiful water shots coming next.

No matter how much fun we had on the boat, you couldn't keep this crew out of the water. We had fun waves, some of the clearest water and prettiest reefs you've ever seen and more fish than you knew existed. There wasn't a daylit moment where someone wasn't in the water and we had sun burns, pruny fingers and reef rash to prove it.